Art-Deco Fonts

Huggy Bear

Huggy Bear is loosely based on numerous early 1970s ‘exploitation’ movie titles and features a bold, thick font with heavy underlining flourishes. Includes full alphanumerics, extended punctuation, euro. Includes regular […]

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Lorre is a thick, bold art-deco typeface modeled after posters and marquees from the late 1920s. Includes full alphabet, extended characters and punctuation, Euro. Includes regular and italic forms.

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This later-period bit of art-deco is actually inspired by some of the title lettering of Franz Joseph’s “Star Trek: Blueprints” and “Star Trek: Star Fleet Technical Manual”. Includes full alphabet, […]

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A thin, curved font that mimics the common and popular typesetting of mid 1970’s art-deco look. Includes full alphabet, Euro, and accented characters. Includes bold, italic, and sans versions.

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Manhattan Tower

Manhattan Tower is an art-deco face with straight strong lines and sharp curves, modeled after the Empire State logo from the 1930s. Includes full alphabet, numerals, extended punctuation, and Euro. […]

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This famous typeface is based on the original logos of the Pac-Man franchise from Namco Inc. Includes full alphabet, euro, extended punctuation. Includes regular and italic faces. Update: 17 August […]

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Ponsonby is a simple, middle-caps art-deco font based heavily on the typeface used in TSR’s classic “Indiana Jones Roleplaying Game”. This stylish font includes full alphabet, punctuation, Euro, and extended […]

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Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre is based of one of the more popular art-deco style typefaces, heavily inspired on the look found in Bethesda Softwork’s Fallout: Dead Money’s Sierra Madre casino. Includes lower case, accent […]

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Suchet is an art-deco typeface inspired by the material of BBC Production’s legendary Poirot series starring David Suchet. Includes full alphabet, extended characters, punctuation, and Euro. Includes Italic and Bold versions.

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    1. Jaynz Post author

      That would best quality as custom work, and about three hours (I’ve never added Greek letters specifically to a font before. Some of the time will just be looking up the blocks to add and the glyphs that I would need!) I would probably have to ask for about $85 to get it done, though it would include a free Registration for you, of course.


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