Alien Glyph Fonts


Yddirian is an unusual “alien glyph” font based loosely on the modern handwritten Hebrew alphabet along with borrowed vowels (considered for traders and other lower-status peoples) and Arabic numerals. Custom […]


Zentran is a modern ‘technical manual’ take on the Zentreadi language that showed up in the legendary Macross (or Robotech) animated series. This version is updated from Geidi Prime’s own […]

2 thoughts on “Alien Glyph Fonts

  1. Eric yarbrough

    Hello! I am starting a clothing line with my friend and have been trying to find a font to fall in love with and having alot of trouble. I love the fallout 4 game and am in love with the hole 40’s and 50’s era. Witch is what turned me onto your overseer font, the brand im starting is called standard apparel. Im curious if you have anything from that relates to that era or in the same category of the overseer.


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