Fantasy Scripts and Glyphs


Gargish is designed after the written ‘gargoyle’ language found in Origin Games’ Ultima VI: The False Prophet role-playing game. It is a simple runic font with curved accents for most of the […]


Harpers is based on the signage found in TSR Inc’s, Forgotten Realms box set for dungeons and Dragons second edition. Not a script per se, these runes are actually markers […]

High Drowic

High Drowic is a heavily stylized runic typeface based on the language described in Wizards of the Coast Forgotten Realms product line. This is basically a reworking of Espruar with […]


Iokharic is a Mandarin-stylized runic typeface based on the language described in Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons: Chromatic Dragons book. The glyphs in this face are extremely similar to […]

Mage Script

Mage Script is a thin, almost-spidery fantasy face based heavily off of the ‘mage’s language’ from Bethesda Softwork’s Elder Scrolls series of games. Includes all canon characters. Includes bold, italic, […]

Mara’s Eye

Mara’s Eye is an almost-readable (meaning that the letters are actually distorted English) puzzle-language based on the glyphs found at Disneyland’s Indiana Jones ride. Includes all canon characters based on the ride, […]


The runic font is based off the dwarven writing found within Tolkein’s famous Lord of the Rings series. Includes all runes placed in their proper phonetic equivalents. Also includes ‘phases […]


Nyctographic is based on Lewis Carrol’s night-time writing invention, used in his creation of Alice in Wonderland. The typeface includes full alphabet, confirmed punctuation, and fan-created numerals.

Olde Britannian

Olde Britannian is an ‘Northern-Runic’ styled face based on the ancient runic language provided by the legendary Origin Systems Ultima games. done with an ancient stone-carved look. Includes canon character, […]

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