Retired Fonts


Kargi is a Persian Cuneiform-stylized runic typeface based on the goblin language described in Kenzer and Co.’s Kingdoms of Kalamar. Includes all canon characters. Includes bold, italic, and bold-italic weights.


Kehdrai is a classic, gothic-style runic typeface. This particular version is based on the written Dwarven languages described in Kenzer and Co.’s Kingdoms of Kalamar. Includes all canon characters. Includes bold, […]


Medabots is a techno-style font with hexagonal edging, based heavily on the logo of Hasbro’s toyline of the same name. Includes full alphanumerics, extended punctuation, Euro. Includes regular and italic […]

Morse Tech

Morse Tech is, actually, a visualized form of Morse Code based on the toy labels of Hasbro’s Transformers: Action Masters line. Includes the entire American Morse Code, and numerous characters of the International Morse Code […]


Niteclub was created to resemble bright light displays. Each glyph is created from little ‘lightbulbs’ laid out to form letters. Includes regular alpha-numerics and punctuation.  


Omnicron is a angular, heavily-stylized science-fiction font originally created for a fan-made Transformers RPG campaign. Includes full alpha-numerics and basic punctuation.


Reanaarian is a ‘printed script’ version of the ancient language script found in Kenzer and Co.’s Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign. Includes all canon symbols, an updated version of the trade […]


Resavy is a stylish art-deco face featuring extremely thick base lines with very thin strokes. The face is inspired heavily by “wild west” burlesque marquees. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation, […]


Transdings is “dings collection” of the various “faction-symbols” that have appeared throughout Hasbro’s massive Transformers franchise. Includes symbols ranging from the original Autobot and Decepticon symbols from the classic series, […]

1 thought on “Retired Fonts

  1. Conclave27

    Was searching Realmslore and it looks like back in 2014 there was a usable Shou Chiang and Ra-khati font that was created, but never published? Research says it might lead back here. Thank you if you have any info on this font. Its the closest I can get to the Tounoji alphabet.


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