Pulp Fonts

Adventure and Adventure Subtitles

Adventure is a pulpy, decorative font is based on the main logo of the Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark) franchise. Includes outlines version. Adventure Subtitles is based on the secondary […]


Blofeld is a distressed, angular font which is based on the title logo of Exile’s cult-classic Evil Genius and Evil Genius: Online computer games. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation and Euro. Includes italic […]


Chinyen is a faux-Asian typeface is a custom font created for gaming purposes. It’s heavily based on 1970s martial arts movie marquees. Includes full english alphabet, extended punctuation, Euro.

Comic Book

Comic Book is one of my first ‘scan and build’ fonts but I unfortunately don’t remember which comic book page I used to start work on it. It is designed to […]

Crystal Deco

Crystal deco is an art-deco typeface originally made for a series of ‘pulp’ RPG adventures. This is based on the logo for much of the merchandising for “Indiana Jones and […]


Empanada is a simple, bold typeface with some rounded edges. This is based on the lettering found in a number of ‘family-owned’ Mexican restaurants. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation, Euro. […]


Equestria is an irregular, irreverent typeface heavily inspired by the package and character logos for Hasbro’s My Little Pony line. Includes full alphabet, extended characters and punctuation, and Euro. Comes with […]


This art-deco font is based loosely on the classic ‘futuristic-looking’ typefaces of the late 1950s and early 1960s, though a bit cleaner and more suitable for print. Includes full alphabet, […]

Gotham Nights

Gotham Nights is a tall, thin typeface heavily inspired on the lettering used in the classic Batman: The Animated Series for episode titles and other sundry. Font includes complete alphabet […]

3 thoughts on “Pulp Fonts

  1. Rusty Tracy

    Hello, I am interested in using the “comic” font for a children’s television production. I am unable to find the EULA to provide for our attorney. Could you please provide a link so that we can make sure we are in the clear.

    Rusty Tracy

    1. Jaynz Post author

      There should be a EULA included as a text file from wherever you downloaded the font originally. If there wasn’t, please let me know from where you got it so I can get that taken care of. Thanks!


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