Pulp Fonts


Indiana is based on the comic logo of Marvel’s “Further Adventures of Indiana Jones” line. It’s a strong, bold font with a distinct retro style. Includes full alphabet, punctuation, accent […]


Instruction is a simple ‘engineering-style’ font, mono-spaced, similar to ones found in technical journals and other ‘official documents’ from the pulp era. Includes bold and italic versions.


Ketchum is a kid-like decorative typeface based on the title logo of Nintendo’s “Pokemon” game and animation franchise. Includes full alphabet, numerals, extended punctuation and euro. Includes regular and italic […]


Manga is a faux-Asian typeface is heavily based on some logos of 1990s-era manga imports. Includes extended character set, symbols, and Euro. Includes hollow and italic version.

Nippon Tech

Nippon Tech is a faux-Asian typeface based on some science-fiction and cyberpunk marquee text. This typeface includes full alphabet, extended punctuation, Euro. Includes bold, italic, bold-italic and condensed versions.


Phelps is a tall and thin font with a sharp ‘laser cut’ appearing on all glyphs just above the lower-case line, based heavily on the Mission Impossible series of movies.  Includes […]


This bold, rounded art-deco typeface is based on the logo of Hasbro’s Indiana Jones merchandise from the “Crystal Skull” movie. Includes accented characters, Euro.


Stark, a bold, thick technological face, is heavily influenced by the title logo of the Iron Man series of movies from Marvel Comics and Paramount Pictures. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation, Euro. […]


This bold, slightly-retro technological font is based on Hasbro Inc’s, “Beast Wars: Transmetals” logo. Font includes upper and lower case, extended characters, punctuation, and Euro. Also includes italic and condensed […]

3 thoughts on “Pulp Fonts

  1. Rusty Tracy

    Hello, I am interested in using the “comic” font for a children’s television production. I am unable to find the EULA to provide for our attorney. Could you please provide a link so that we can make sure we are in the clear.

    Rusty Tracy

    1. Jaynz Post author

      There should be a EULA included as a text file from wherever you downloaded the font originally. If there wasn’t, please let me know from where you got it so I can get that taken care of. Thanks!


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