Fantasy Fonts



Nuffle is based on the title logo of recent Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl titles. It’s a sharp, angular face designed to resemble college football text, along with extra sharp spikes in […]


Nyctographic is based on Lewis Carrol’s night-time writing invention, used in his creation of Alice in Wonderland. The typeface includes full alphabet, confirmed punctuation, and fan-created numerals.

Olde Britannian

Olde Britannian is an ‘Northern-Runic’ styled face based on the ancient runic language provided by the legendary Origin Systems Ultima games. done with an ancient stone-carved look. Includes canon character, […]

Olde Dethek

Olde Dethek is based on the fantasy dwarven runes found in TSR’s Forgotten Realms (Second Edition). It is a bold, simple set of runes designed to invoke an old Northern […]

Olde Espruar

Olde Espruar is based on the fantasy elven script found in TSR’s Forgotten Realms (Second Edition). It is a very artistic, pictographic set of runes, combining a variety of disparate styles. […]

Olde Thorass

Olde Thorass is based on the fantasy commoner script found in TSR’s Forgotten Realms (Second Edition). It is a very artistic, flowing set of simple runes, somewhat reminiscent of early cursive script. Includes […]


Ophidian is simple script is based on the “Serpentine” writing and magic runes from Origin System’s Ultima 7: The Black Isle. (This was also used for their copy-protection wheel.) This includes […]


Planewalker is based on the card text from the first several editions of Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering collectable card game. This calligraphic-style face includes the full alphabet, […]

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Fonts

  1. Jean

    Hi !
    I have purchased your font “NeverWinter” for a commercial use this morning. Can you send me an unrestricted font and the bill please ?
    Thank you in advance for sending me the invoice !

    1. Jaynz Post author

      You should have had an invoice automatically eMailed to you form Paypal when you purchased “Neverwinter”. The Paypal receipt is also your invoice.

  2. Peter McLeod

    Could you make a font based off of Spellweaver Nerra Script from Ecology of the Spellweavers in Dragon Magazine #338? I have been trying to make it myself, with no success.


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