Monthly Archives: April 2015


Only one font updated today, but it’s a big one! Today’s update is “Cybertron”, which replaces the older “Optimus” and “Megatron” fonts, and includes a whole lot more. Every glyph is redone and resized to be more accurate to the source material as well as provide a more professional and cleaner look when in use.

This bold typeface is based on the original logo of Hasbro’s legendary “Transformers” toyline. The basic font includes all alphanumerics, extended punctuation, Euro, and comes in regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic weights. Also includes ‘moviecaps’ version which is modified to resemble the logo of the first three Michael Bay films. Lastly includes condensed versions of all of the above to be more suitable to print. 16 variations in all!

Created with Permission

Additional note: If you already have either Optimus or Megatron (or very the very old Transformers font from Scrolls of Virtue) registered, you may upgrade to using this font free with that license. The older fonts will no longer be supported.

Not a Fool This April

Busy day in real life today, so not a lot of updates possible. I did manage to get the ‘fantasy scripts’ page updated and reduced the price of a lot of those fonts to freeware! I think I’m going to leave things there, considering what day it is… no matter what else I post, no one is going to believe me!