Western/Steampunk Fonts

Angel Arms

Angel Arms is based on the title logo of the phenomenally well-known Trigun anime series. The face is a bold, western look riddled with bullet holes in each of the […]


Bantorain is a simple ‘old west’ font based on some of the common building marquees of the period. Includes international characters, Euro, full alphabet and punctuation.


Hetfield is a simple western font with decorative flourish for all the serifs. Includes full alphabet, lower case, punctuation, extended character set, and Euro. Includes bold and italic versions.


Lassiter is a bold western-themed font based on several shop signs from various Colorado ghost towns. Includes lower case, punctuation, numerals, accent characters, and euro. Includes italic and extended versions.

Rio Oro

Rio Oro is a bold, decorative font inspired by classic Wild West marquees and signage. Includes full alphabet, small cats, accent characters, punctuation, and Euro. Includes regular, bold, italic, and […]


Roughknight is a western-style typeface based on Sony’s “Wild Arms 5” video game title logo. Includes full alphabet and extended punctuation, Euro.

Steamcog Caps

Steamcog Caps is a companion font for “Steamwreck”, consisting of all caps and numerals housed in decorative gears.


Steampuff was created as a ‘challenge’ font, based on a concept introduced in the Powerpuff Girls television series. The font has a basic western motif but with little hearts adding […]


Steamwheel is a square, wrought-iron-style typeface adorned in the capital letters with gear-wheels. Includes full alphabet, lower case, extended punctuation and euro. Available in regular and italic faces.

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