Alien Glyph Fonts


Aurebesh is based on the legendary Star Wars “Galactic Standard” typeface. This version of the font is based on the old RPG version from West End Games and includes all […]


Betazed is a fan-commissioned font to give a written-form to the Betazed language as used in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Includes a full alphabet and 10-digit numerical system based […]


Cyrillian is a ‘tech manual’ style version of the classic Russian Cyrillic lettering. It is designed as a ‘letter-replacement’ code-font, with letter glyphs lined up to their closest English equivalents. […]

Giedi Prime Font Collection

This collection is an archive of Jim Sorenson’s symbol fonts based on writing found in Robotech and Transformers. The fonts include “Ancient Autobot”, “Decepticon Graffiti”, “Golden Disk”, “Maximal”, “Predacon”,  and […]


Based on a design from Jim Sorenson, Gobotronic is a symbolic interpretation of the language of Hanna-Barbera’s own take on robots in disguise. Includes full alphabet, designed to be used by […]


Graalen is an alternative alien-language font for Star Trek’s Andorian race as found in the Last Unicorn Game’s version of the Star Trek role-playing game, slightly edited for greater internal […]

Green Martian

Green Martian is an alien-glyph typeface based on the ‘alien’ writing (usually Martian) found within DC comics over the years. Includes most common glyph mappings and accepted characters.


Kentaurus is a ‘tech manual’ style version of the classic Greek lettering, based on the Tech Manual’s Kentaurus colony writing. It is designed as a ‘letter-replacement’ code-font, with letter glyphs […]

Modern Cybertronic

Modern Cybertronic is a ‘tech manual’ style, display-friendly version of the Ancient Autobot script found within some episodes of the classic Transformers television series from Hasbro and Sunbow, Inc. Includes […]

2 thoughts on “Alien Glyph Fonts

  1. Eric yarbrough

    Hello! I am starting a clothing line with my friend and have been trying to find a font to fall in love with and having alot of trouble. I love the fallout 4 game and am in love with the hole 40’s and 50’s era. Witch is what turned me onto your overseer font, the brand im starting is called standard apparel. Im curious if you have anything from that relates to that era or in the same category of the overseer.


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