Retired Fonts


AngloCelestial is an English-readable version of the classic ‘angelic runes’ script. The font is very thin with open circle highlights to add a slight ethereal flare.  Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation, euro. […]


AngloDavek is an English-readable version of the fantasy ‘Davek runes’ script. The font is heavily based on classic “Futhark” style runes and meant to envoke a dwarvish feel. Includes full […]


Anglorunic is an English-readable version of the classic Olde Dethek’ runes set. The font is a thick, primitive, and blocky face designed to resemble primitive Northern or Dwarven runes. Includes […]


AngloYsgarth is a tall, olde-world typeface with minor flourishes based on runes presented in Ragnorok Press’s World of Ysgarth role-playing game, though presented here in readable form. Includes full alphabet, […]


Convoy is based on the logos for “Transformers: Armada” and “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” from Hasbro, Inc. Left and right braces replaced with Autobot and Decepticon insignia, respectively. Bar replaced […]

Cybertron Opcode

Cybertron Opcode is a stylized version of Jim Sorensen’s “Optical Code” from the Transformers: Allspark Almanac. Includes all canon characters and also includes an extended punctuation and character set.


Fhokki is the ancient tribal trade script from Kenzer and Co’s Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting. This antique script face is designed a block-print version of the face presented within […]

Fourth-Edition Dings

Fourth-Edition Dings is a font which contains the various attack symbols found in Wizards of the Coast’s dungeons and Dragons game (Fourth Edition, naturally) along with various other gaming symbols […]


This simple ‘lcd-like’ typeface is based on the lettering used by the Maximals in an the old “Critical Mass” BotCon exclusive comic. Left and right braces replaced with Maximal and […]

One thought on “Retired Fonts

  1. Conclave27

    Was searching Realmslore and it looks like back in 2014 there was a usable Shou Chiang and Ra-khati font that was created, but never published? Research says it might lead back here. Thank you if you have any info on this font. Its the closest I can get to the Tounoji alphabet.


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