Geddes Updated

album_geddesThis art-deco font is based loosely on the classic ‘futuristic-looking’ typefaces of the late 1950s and early 1960s, though a bit cleaner and more suitable for print. Includes full alphabet, numerals, extended characters, euro. Includes regular, bold, black, italic, and condensed versions.

Sierra Madre

album_sierra_madreSierra Madre is based of one of the more popular art-deco style typefaces, heavily inspired on the look found in Bethesda Softwork’s Fallout: Dead Money’s Sierra Madre casino. Includes lower case, accent characters, and Euro. Includes regular, bold, italic and bold-italic versions.

20 November 2015: Corrected some naming issues and cleaned up the kerning in each face of the family.

Alpha Mutation

Aalbum_alpha_mutationlpha Mutation is a highly decorative typeface based on the title logo to the 2011 version of “Gammaworld”. This typeface is a tall, ‘military stencil’ font with corrosive etchings marked into the bottom part of each glyph.

11 November 2015: Minor Compatibility Update


album_overseerOverseer is a simple, bold typeface based on the title logo for Bethesda Softworks’ legendary Fallout franchise, down to the lightning-flourished ‘o’. Includes full alphabet, lower case, accent characters, and Euro. Includes bold, italic, and bold-ltalic version.

9 November 2015 Update: Reworked all kerning, as well as fixed minor compatibility issues.

Atomic Dice

album_atomic_diceAtomic Dice is a collection of glyphs designed to resemble six-sided die. This set includes dice designed to resemble explosions, nuclear fallout symbols, and other ‘post-apocalyptic’ symbols. Each glyph has ‘white’ and ‘black’ versions.

Pixel Ninja

album_pixel_ninjaThis highly-stylized pixel font, designed to look somewhat handwritten, is based on the lettering in Sega’s classic Shinobi arcade game. Includes full alphabet, numerals, extended punctuation, and Euro.

Mission GT-R

album_mission_gt-rThis techno-styled typeface is based on the character writing from Takara’s “Transformers: GT-R” sub-line. Includes full alphabet, numerals, extended punctuation, and Euro. Includes italic and condensed versions.

Pixel Dragon

album_pixel_dragonThis unusual, fantasy-themed pixel font is based on the on-screen lettering used in the classic arcade game Dragon Saber.  Includes full alphabet, numerals, as well as extended punctuation and accent symbols.


October 13, 2015

Yeah, nothing too exciting today. A lot of the site’s software needed to auto-update, so today was a good day to finally allow that. Thanks everyone for their patience during the upgrade period.



September 29, 2015

Still ‘culling the herd’, as it were. This month I’m retiring the ‘Anglo’ fonts, basically the English-script-versions of some of the fantasy runic fonts on the page. This includes AngloCelestial, AngloRunic, AngloYsgarth, and AngloDavek. This fonts are still available for free on the ‘Retired Fonts’ page.