Monthly Archives: October 2015

Alpha Mutation

Aalbum_alpha_mutationlpha Mutation is a highly decorative typeface based on the title logo to the 2011 version of “Gammaworld”. This typeface is a tall, ‘military stencil’ font with corrosive etchings marked into the bottom part of each glyph.

11 November 2015: Minor Compatibility Update


album_overseerOverseer is a simple, bold typeface based on the title logo for Bethesda Softworks’ legendary Fallout franchise, down to the lightning-flourished ‘o’. Includes full alphabet, lower case, accent characters, and Euro. Includes bold, italic, and bold-ltalic version.

9 November 2015 Update: Reworked all kerning, as well as fixed minor compatibility issues.

Atomic Dice

album_atomic_diceAtomic Dice is a collection of glyphs designed to resemble six-sided die. This set includes dice designed to resemble explosions, nuclear fallout symbols, and other ‘post-apocalyptic’ symbols. Each glyph has ‘white’ and ‘black’ versions.

Pixel Ninja

album_pixel_ninjaThis highly-stylized pixel font, designed to look somewhat handwritten, is based on the lettering in Sega’s classic Shinobi arcade game. Includes full alphabet, numerals, extended punctuation, and Euro.

Mission GT-R

album_mission_gt-rThis techno-styled typeface is based on the character writing from Takara’s “Transformers: GT-R” sub-line. Includes full alphabet, numerals, extended punctuation, and Euro. Includes italic and condensed versions.

Pixel Dragon

album_pixel_dragonThis unusual, fantasy-themed pixel font is based on the on-screen lettering used in the classic arcade game Dragon Saber.  Includes full alphabet, numerals, as well as extended punctuation and accent symbols.


October 13, 2015

Yeah, nothing too exciting today. A lot of the site’s software needed to auto-update, so today was a good day to finally allow that. Thanks everyone for their patience during the upgrade period.