The Old Blog Rant

This is a repost, really, of my first blog on ‘MySpace’, a service I’m given up largely due to the sheer clutter the site over there has. Still, the post was oddly fitting again, so it seemed natural to repost it here.

Blogs are kind of a weird thing for me. I was raised with the ultimate alpha-male archetypes as role-models to a very destructive level. When you’re raised with that kind of mindset it’s very hard to open up in any way to yourself, much less the rest of the world. In that sense, a blog is a bit of an antithesis of that upbringing. For me, just saying “Oh yeah, I would like to talk to my friends,” is extremely difficult. So that’s probably why I ignored this site for so long, leaving it largely blank.

To this point I’ve become hooked on the show Scrubs, at least in DVD form. Now, while most people I know associate with JD or Ellie, I find myself associating heavily with Dr. Cox. I’m not quite where he is, but that character is the one that makes the most sense to me, and I realize how many mannerisms I’ve had for years that that character embodies.

Fortunately, my life is a lot more stable, I’m not quite as jaded, and I do have much better hair, even if it is gray. So, you know, that’s something.

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