Caps Fonts Updates

With the past few days dedicated to redoing the database and registration system, I decided to use today to knock out a few much-needed updates to some ‘all caps’ decorative fonts, and throw a new one in the mix too boot. Again, thank you, everyone, for your patience and understanding for the past few days. The new system works wonderfully and should make things a lot easier for those browsing the fonts here.

album_strongarm_capsStrongarm Caps
This ‘caps’ font is based on the lettering and ‘tech emblem’ used in Hasbro’s 2015 “Robots in Disguise” line, with the tech emblem surrounding the capital letters used in the “Strongarm” font. Includes Autobot, Predacon, and Decepticon symbols, all letters and numerals.
album_trek_arrowcapsTrek Arrowcaps
This decorative-caps typeface basically takes the capital letters from the original “Star Trek” logo and places them within the traditional Federation Arrowhead. Includes numerals and capital letters.
album_steamcog_capsSteamcog Caps
Steamcog Caps is a companion font for “Steamwreck”, consisting of all caps and numerals housed in decorative gears.

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