Western Fonts

Today’s update (on an off-day!) is a quick attempt on my part to clean up a little bit of the western fonts page with some much-overdue maintenance updates. Enjoy! More will come through the week as I find time!

A simple ‘old west’ font based on some of the common building marquees of the period. Includes international characters, Euro, full alphabet and punctuation.
Steampuff was created as a ‘challenge’ font, based on a concept introduced in the Powerpuff Girls television series. The font has a basic western motif but with little hearts adding deco touches to the stalks and dots. Includes accent marks, Euro, and full upper and lower-case alphabet.
Hetfield is a simple western font with decorative flourish for all the serifs. Includes full alphabet, lower case, punctuation, extended character set, and Euro. Includes bold and italic versions.

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