Alien Glyph Fonts

Today’s update is a cleanup of the Alien Glyph section, wrapping up the last of the fonts which need updating to the new database format.

Tirolese is an alien-glyph font based on the writing found in display readouts of the Robotech Masters as seen in Harmony Gold’s “Robotech II: The Sentinels”. Includes all canon glyphs.
album_cybertron_opcodeCybertron Opcode
Cybertron Opcode is a stylized version of Jim Sorensen’s “Optical Code” from the Transformers: Allspark Almanac. Includes all canon characters and also includes an extended punctuation and character set.
album_green_martianGreen Martian
Green Martian is an alien-glyph typeface based on the ‘alien’ writing (usually Martian) found within DC comics over the years. Includes most common glyph mappings and accepted characters.
album_visitor_scriptVisitor Script
Visitor Script is an alien typeface based on the alien writing seen in the various incarnations of the “V” franchise. Includes all canonical glyphs.

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