Today’s font update is the long-overdue completion of Dancetech, a font which started as a paid commission that got cancelled out from under me last year. I finally decided to wrap it up and make it available in the science-fiction fonts section.

Dancetech is a simple, lightly-chiseled face commonly found on ‘dance mix’ and ‘beat mix’ albums of the late 1990s to early 2000s and presents a simple, bold face perfect for headings with a light science-fiction feel. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation, euro. Includes regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic weights.
Razorclaw is based on the logo of the new “Beast Hunters” Transformers line. Includes extended characters, euro, and punctuation. The ‘at’ sign has been replaced with the Predacon faction symbol. Includes regular and hollow versions.
Whittle is a simple, sharp, heavy font based on the lettering used on pundit Bill Whittle’s “Afterburner” segments. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation, Euro. Includes italic and condensed versions.

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