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Neale Davidson, the maker of this site, the fonts, and all of the artwork herein has passed away.  After a lot of soul searching and a little bit of legal advice, I have decided to keep the site up and the fonts for sale, and wanted to post a public update on the status of the site, and especially of the fonts and the commercial licensing. As his widow, I have inherited the site and copyrights, and have access to the records of previous purchases for bookkeeping purposes.  All previous commercial licenses will, of course, remain valid.  Anyone who has licensed a font will retain the rights as described in the EULA without any changes.  As I get the chance, I will start updating the EULA and copyright notices here and in the font packages with my name, but I wanted to publish a public notice of the change in copyright for everyone involved.   My apologies, but I don’t have any plans to create any additional fonts, nor do I have the expertise to update the fonts my husband created. However, I will support the existing fonts’ usage to the best of my ability and knowledge.  If you have any questions or concerns, I am available at the same contact email:  Thanks for your understanding.


10 thoughts on “Important news

  1. Stephen Hart

    I didn’t know your husband and I only ended up on this site through an old link on an RPG site whilst I was looking for a font for Dungeons and Dragons.

    I just wanted to say I am very sorry to hear of your husbands death and I hope you have a good network of friends and family to support you.

    He was clearly a talented man and I suspect many people had their hobbies enhanced because of his work. That is quite a legacy.

    My condolences. Stephen Hart

  2. PAC

    Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss. I was searching today online for Western fonts and found his Lassiter after looking at dozens of others. I’ve just paid for a commercial license to you. I plan to use the font on a new website, yes, and I am pleased to have chosen this font before I ever read your post and learned that he’s died. This one design will live on, anyway, and it’s an honor to have it. My deepest condolences.

  3. J

    I’m currently learning the Morse alphabet with one of Neale Davidson’s fonts!
    Thank you for keeping his great body of work online. All the best to you.

  4. Jean

    I’m so sorry to hear about Neale Davidson’s passing. He was a great inspiration to me as a font designer. (ironically, I came here to purchase a font for the title of a non-font product) He will be greatly missed. All honor.

  5. Ginny

    So sad, I was just thinking what a nice man from the comments on the Adventure font, then read he has passed away once I had gone to the website. I have donated for the amazing fonts, so sorry for your loss. It is good that this website can carry on his great work.

  6. Hitch

    I’m so sorry for your loss; I’ve loved your husband’s fonts and used them over the years. Adventure is one of my favorites for pulpy books. He and his talent will be sorely missed. My condolences to you.

  7. Keith Ribbons

    I’m sorry to hear your sad news. I find his work inspiring, and he was very helpful to me.
    Thank you for choosing to keep his work online. It will be appreciated by many.

  8. Adam Skelton

    I have just started looking for fonts that would be appropriate for the D&D campaign that I intend to run for some friends at some point and found this site indirectly from

    All of the fonts that I intend to use were created by your husband, so I would like to thank you for keeping this site up and running and enabling people to continue to gain access to them.

    My condolences on your loss.

  9. Caoimhe Ora Snow

    I just came across this today. I’m a big fan of his font design work.

    I’m so sorry for your loss.


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