Only one font update today, but it’s a pretty big one. Chromia is a heavily-reworked and updated version of the older Orion Pax and similar Datacron fonts, combining the best elements of each. Note that this font replaces the older two for purposes of licensing and updates. Anyone with a license for either of the two older fonts may automatically upgrade to this one for free.

Chromia is an stylized, technographic typeface based on the packaging of Hasbro’s Prime: Robots in Disguise toyline as well as the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron toyline. Includes full alphabet, extended character set, and Euro. This font includes Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic, Condensed, and Supercap versions for a total of 16 weights.

3 thoughts on “Chromia

  1. Hatwell


    I wanna use this font for a logo, and commercial use like a brand.

    Can you confirm this use, and let me know if there is a problem to use it like this.



  2. Erol Bayburt

    I’m having trouble getting the Chromia Condensed versions to show up properly (windows 7 64 bit pro) – in particular the bold and bold-italic versions aren’t showing properly. From my poking around, the “os/2 weight tables” don’t seem to be properly set for bold.


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