Sigma Five

Today’s update is a complete rebuilding and reworking of a couple of extremely similar fonts that I finally noticed shared a common base lettering. Sigma Five is an upgrade and replacement for the older Vector Sigma and Starkiller fonts.

album_sigma_fiveSigma Five
Sigma Five is a collection of fonts is a bold, heavy face based on science-fiction lettering made famous by Star Wars and used in numerous franchises since. Includes a “regular” face (based on the Beast Machines sub-logo from Hasbro), “sans” without flourishes, and “Marquee” which is based more heavily on the original Star Wars logo. Includes regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic for each face. All faces include full alpha-numerics, extended punctuation, euro.

Note: With this update, the Starkiller and Vector Sigma fonts are retired and will no longer be supported. Registered users may upgrade to Sigma Five for free.

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