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No More Donations for Commercial Use

I’ve gone through and removed all options to pay for commercial use. Although I still ask that you do not re-sale the font files themselves, I no longer request money for commercial use of any fonts. If you see any that I have missed, feel free to let me know.

When I get a chance, I will be redoing the site to not require going through the check out at all to download the fonts, but that’s easier said than done at the moment.

Software Update

I know, this isn’t a particularly impressive update for the site’s users, but it’s one that’s been overdue. I took the day to manually update the site’s software, due to some glitch in WordPress’s auto-update features. This has been done, and everything seems to be working. Hopefully I’ll have something more impressive for you in a couple of days!

Thanks, everyone, for their patience.


December Font Retirements

After a day of lots of new stuff,.. I’m announcing that I’m officially retiring the Kingdoms of Kalamar based fonts. Karge, Kehdrai, Reanarrian, and Fhokki have been moved into the ‘retired fonts’ page and will no longer be updated or supported.   Also, Cybertron Opcode has been moved over there as well.

Bad news, I’m not working on these fonts anymore. Good news is that they’re all now absolute Freeware, so enjoy!



October 13, 2015

Yeah, nothing too exciting today. A lot of the site’s software needed to auto-update, so today was a good day to finally allow that. Thanks everyone for their patience during the upgrade period.



September 29, 2015

Still ‘culling the herd’, as it were. This month I’m retiring the ‘Anglo’ fonts, basically the English-script-versions of some of the fantasy runic fonts on the page. This includes AngloCelestial, AngloRunic, AngloYsgarth, and AngloDavek. This fonts are still available for free on the ‘Retired Fonts’ page.



September 15, 2015

Sadly, nothing sexy to report for the site today.  Just having to once-again update the software running everything. More to come on Thursday…


September 8, 2015

No update today. Took the weekend with the family for relaxation, games, and all that good stuff. Enjoy the long weekend (for those who still have it) and tune back in on Thursday.

Laser Rod

Today’s update was largely software-related on the site, so there’s not a lot to show. I did, however, get a much-needed maintenance-update for the “Laser Rod” font, shown below.

album_laser_rodLaser Rod
This font is based on the “Laser Cycle”, “Laser Rod” part of Hasbro’s Generation Two toyline. Includes full alphabet, numerals, extended characters and Euro. Left and right brackets have been replaced with the Autobot and Decepticon insignia, respectively.


April 16, 2015

Okay, no font updates for the day, for which I apologize. Instead today was about redoing a lot of the database entries so that every font either has a free Trial download, or is just an outright free download. Also, the ‘registration’ button has been changed to ‘Commercial License’ to be more clear. Lastly, about a dozen older fonts, mostly in the dings and fantasy font areas, have been reduced to free!

More to come in the next several days. Again, everyone, thank you for your patience.

eCommerce Upgrade

After much hemming and hawing I decided that it was time to upgrade my commerce software to something more robust and useful in the long term. Though I think I’ve found a superior solution, I sadly am going to have to manually update the database. I’ll be focusing on one section at a time, so if there’s a hiccup, try to refresh a little later. In the meantime, I’ll leave up the old solution for sections I haven’t quite managed to squeeze in just yet.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued patience!

  • 17 March, 12pm : Updated the existing Art-Deco Fonts
  • 17 March, 1pm : Updated the existing Science-Fiction Fonts
  • 17 March, 2pm : Updated the existing Pulp Fonts
  • 17 March, 3pm : Updated the existing Fantasy Fonts
  • 17 March, 3:30pm : Updated the existing Military Fonts
  • 17 March, 4pm : Updated the existing Western Fonts
  • 17 March, 4:30pm : Minor cleanup and organization update
  • 18 March, 9am : Updated the existing Pixel-Based Fonts
  • 18 March, 9:30am : Minor cleanup and organization update
  • 18 March, 11am : Updated existing Gaming Dice fonts, moved to fantasy
  • 18 March, 12pm : Minor cleanup and organization update
  • 18 March, 2pm : Updated existing Fantasy Script fonts, moved to fantasy
  • 18 March, 2:30pm : Software update
  • 18 March, 4pm : Updated existing Alien Script fonts, moved to science-fiction
  • 18 March, 4:30pm : Reorganized some of the Transformers fonts to sci-fi
  • 18 March, 5:30pm : Updated existing Transformers fonts, moved to sci-fi
  • 18 March, 6pm : Cleaned up comments and posts with old sale links.
  • 19 March, 9am : Updated uncategorized licensed fonts.
  • 19 March, 9:30am : Updated uncategorized donation fonts.
  • 19 March, 10am : Deleted old eCommerce solution.
  • 19 March, 11am : Resource file cleanup.
  • 19 March, 12:30pm : Basic ‘contact me’ form added.