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If you have any issues paying for commercial use of any font on the site, or wish to have more options in payment, just drop me an email at Within a day or so, I can generate a Paypal invoice for you. This will allow you to pay with any major credit card in addition to through Paypal, and offers the security of making the transaction directly through the Paypal web site. Just be sure to send the email from the address where you would like the invoice, or specify the address to send the invoice in your email to me. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Payment Options

    1. Jaynz Post author

      If you do not have a Paypal account, just give me an email with the fonts you would like to pay for. I’ll make a Paypal invoice and send it to your email address. This will allow you to pay via any major credit card without need a Paypal account.

  1. Alina

    Hi, support.
    Tell me please specify whether the Jefferies font is paid and whether it can be used for commercial purposes on prints?

  2. Josh Lyell

    Hi Jaynz,

    What’s your license policy on buying a font for commercial use, to then modify it slightly? The intention is to use the font in a computer game.

    Many thanks!

      1. Josh Lyell

        Hi Jaynz,

        That’s perfectly fair, the resulting font will be tied to the main brand and identity of the game so I certainly want it to be used for that only!

        Thanks for your quick reply!

  3. Gloria

    hi hi i wanna buy this “Dunkin” font for commercial use, so could you tell me this font license policy. and this “Dunkin” font to use the packaging design. Is be OK?


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