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July Font Retirements

Probably a little bit of a depressing way to end the month, but something that’s probably bit overdue. To cut back what all I’m needing to support and keep myself from going totally crazy with all these fonts, I’ve decided it’s time to retire a small block of them. These fonts will now be permanently freeware, but no longer supported. “Resavy”, “Fourth-Edition Dings”, “Furmanite”, “Medabots” and “Morse Tech” have been added to this category.

Note, these are freeware now, but not public domain.

Font Updates

Today’s update is a few overdue font updates, fixing kerning, font layout issues, and minor fixes. Also started a ‘retirement page’ for fonts that I’ll no longer be supporting, but will keep available here for download. For now, the ‘Niteclub’ font has been thrown in there.

album_videopacVideopac is updated with better spacing details and a new kerning table. Should look much better in print than before.
album_pacmaniaPacmania also gets the re-kerning and spacing treament, vastly improving the overall look of the font.

Cyrodiil Update

is a based on the main text used within Bethesda Softwork’s later Elder Scrolls games and has a strong, later-medieval / Gaelic look, perfect for fantasy-gaming text. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation, euro. Includes regular bold, italic, and bold-italic faces.

This version of the font fixes some spacing issues and a few off-vertical placements. All new kerning also vastly improves the look of this font in script.



Starlord is a thick, angular font loosely based on the title logo of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Includes full alpha-numerics, extended punctuation, and Euro. Comes in regular and italic versions.

Pixel Calculon

album_pixel_calculonPixel Calculon
This classic style is based on the 1970s fake-computer text found all over science-fiction television shows, really bad movies, and lots and lots of advertising. Includes full alpha-numerics, extended punctuation, and Euro. Includes regular and italic styles.


Uptown is a classically-themed title-card face found in marquees and signage from the 1930s and 1940s. This is a bold, heavy face perfect for pulp-period projects. Includes full alphabet, numerics, euro, extended punctuation. Includes regular and italic faces.


My apologies for the lack of updates. I went on vacation and didn’t want to advertise that I was going to be away for awhile… Anyway, I am returned and will be working to update the site and remaining fonts over the next several days as I get caught back up.

For today, enjoy this LCD font from Transformers: Prime, completely reworked and cleaned up!

This wide technological font is based on the character lettering for Hasbro’s new Transformers: Prime figures. Includes lower case alphabet, accented characters, and Euro. Includes italic version.