Art-Deco Fonts


Diner is a simple retro-futuristic font based on the looks of more than a few 1950’s diners, marquees, and other signages. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation and Euro. Includes regular, […]


Dunkin is a bold, smooth font based loosely on the popular logo of the “Dunkin’ Donuts” restaurant franchise. Includes full alphabet, lower case, accents, and Euro. Includes bold, italic, bold-italic, and sans […]


Electrorocket is an art-deco font based loosely on Disney’s The Rocketeer title logo, featuring some lightning flourishes on some of the capital glyphs. Includes full alphabet, accent characters, and Euro. […]


Erte is a thick, smooth, and rounded art-deco typeface based on classic marquees and advertising lettering from the ‘age of pulp’. Includes upper and lowercase letters, extended characters, Euro. Includes bold, italic, […]


Evelyn is a simple art-deco typeface based on numerous marquees. Some capital letters have minor flourishes while the lower case are kept simple. Includes full alpha-numerics, extended punctuation, euro. Available […]


Explorien is a smooth, wide, rounded and heavily curved art-deco typeface with a slight retro-science-fiction flair. Includes Includes full alphabet, extended character set, euro. Includes regular, bold, italic, bold-italic styles.


Franck is a simple, almost prototypical “art-deco” font with thick ‘anchor’ strokes and thin lines with a look influenced by many marquees of the pulp period. Includes full alphabet, extended […]


This art-deco font is based loosely on the classic ‘futuristic-looking’ typefaces of the late 1950s and early 1960s, though a bit cleaner and more suitable for print. Includes full alphabet, […]


Hastings is classic, basic art-deco face based on marquee posters found everywhere in the 1920s and 1930s. Perfect for anything that evokes the ‘pulp’ feel. Includes full alphabet, extended character […]

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    1. Jaynz Post author

      That would best quality as custom work, and about three hours (I’ve never added Greek letters specifically to a font before. Some of the time will just be looking up the blocks to add and the glyphs that I would need!) I would probably have to ask for about $85 to get it done, though it would include a free Registration for you, of course.


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