eCommerce Upgrade

After much hemming and hawing I decided that it was time to upgrade my commerce software to something more robust and useful in the long term. Though I think I’ve found a superior solution, I sadly am going to have to manually update the database. I’ll be focusing on one section at a time, so if there’s a hiccup, try to refresh a little later. In the meantime, I’ll leave up the old solution for sections I haven’t quite managed to squeeze in just yet.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued patience!

  • 17 March, 12pm : Updated the existing Art-Deco Fonts
  • 17 March, 1pm : Updated the existing Science-Fiction Fonts
  • 17 March, 2pm : Updated the existing Pulp Fonts
  • 17 March, 3pm : Updated the existing Fantasy Fonts
  • 17 March, 3:30pm : Updated the existing Military Fonts
  • 17 March, 4pm : Updated the existing Western Fonts
  • 17 March, 4:30pm : Minor cleanup and organization update
  • 18 March, 9am : Updated the existing Pixel-Based Fonts
  • 18 March, 9:30am : Minor cleanup and organization update
  • 18 March, 11am : Updated existing Gaming Dice fonts, moved to fantasy
  • 18 March, 12pm : Minor cleanup and organization update
  • 18 March, 2pm : Updated existing Fantasy Script fonts, moved to fantasy
  • 18 March, 2:30pm : Software update
  • 18 March, 4pm : Updated existing Alien Script fonts, moved to science-fiction
  • 18 March, 4:30pm : Reorganized some of the Transformers fonts to sci-fi
  • 18 March, 5:30pm : Updated existing Transformers fonts, moved to sci-fi
  • 18 March, 6pm : Cleaned up comments and posts with old sale links.
  • 19 March, 9am : Updated uncategorized licensed fonts.
  • 19 March, 9:30am : Updated uncategorized donation fonts.
  • 19 March, 10am : Deleted old eCommerce solution.
  • 19 March, 11am : Resource file cleanup.
  • 19 March, 12:30pm : Basic ‘contact me’ form added.

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