Original Paperformers

Decided to start up my papercraft gaming section today with a collection of old (practically antique) Paperformers designs. These figures are well below my current art and design standards, but haven’t yet been replaced with new figures. As new models get put up, these will start coming down.

Update: 1 October: I added a whole bunch of second-series Paperformers today, also on the Papercraft Gaming page. These are of superior quality than the first batch, but still not up to my current standards. Still, enjoy them, and feel free to make suggestions on how to proceed from here on out with the Papercraft section!

Update: 3 October: Added another batch of second series Paperformers from another archive. These are the same quality as the ones put up Wednesday, but with some refinements on some of the pieces. Still more to come.

Update: 6 October: Yet another large batch.. I had forgotten just how many of these puppies I had actually made!

Update: 8 October: Same story as before, another back of around 20 paperformers added to the archive. Enjoy!

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