Western Fonts II

For the most part, today’s update is an attempt to fill the last of the maintenance holes in the Western Fonts archive. I’m also going to take the opportunity to get some fixes and updates into the overall site itself while I’m at it…

  • All main tables now sort alphabetically
  • Alien Glyphs page added, sorted under Science Fiction Fonts
  • Fantasy Scripts and Glyphs page added, sorted under Fantasy Fonts
  • Art-Deco Fonts now display correctly
Roughknight is a western-style typeface based on Sony’s “Wild Arms 5” video game title logo. Includes full alphabet and extended punctuation, Euro.
Tonopah is about as basic as Western-themed fonts get. Simple, straight, and boxy, with very heavy serifs. Includes numerals, punctuation, accent characters, and Euro. Includes Hollow, Bold, Italic, and Bold-Italic versions.
Winslett is a decorative ‘old-west’ style font with thin letters and heavily-thickened serifs and accents. Includes full alphabet, accent characters, and Euro. Includes ‘hollow’ version.

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